Stephanie is responsible for the content of Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) Z-Kubator programme and she coaches individual ZHdK students and staff who want to activate ideas for art or culture projects, startups or spin-offs. In addition, she works freelance with a portfolio of culture workers, founders, and small businesses, bringing structure, an entrepreneurial approach and passion for creative thinking. Stephanie is co-founder of BEAM, a re-imagining agency, playfully and creatively researching the future of work, business and organisation.


    Stephanie recently production- and stage- managed an ambitious artistic-research project ARBEIT 4.5 exploring the tensions in the growing trend towards self-employment and entrepreneurship. Previously Stephanie built up the operations function at a niche insurance start up in London, co-founded the creative research collective Future State, and managed two innovative pilot projects to build a global community of social entrepreneurs at Impact Hub Network.


    Stephanie is a natural communicator and connector, and believes in the enormous power of nurturing a meaningful network, communicating honestly and sharing through learning.